Family Karate Blackburn


Exciting beginners Karate classes near Blackburn for Families, Adults & Children from 3yrs to 70yrs+! We can help you with:

  • Confidence, Fitness & Health, Weight Loss, Discipline & Respect, Focus & Concentration, Self-defence, Anti-bullying, Fun & Friendship in a modern fully equipped full-time centre

Claim your FREE 30 Day BEGINNERS Trial or request the Class Schedule Today!

Family Karate Blackburn


Exciting beginners Karate classes near Blackburn for Families, Adults & Children 3yrs to 70yrs+. We can help you with:

  • Confidence, Fitness & Health, Weight Loss, Discipline & Respect, Focus, Self-defence, Fun & Friendship!

Claim your FREE 30 Day BEGINNERS Trial or request the Class Schedule Today!

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Embrace the world of Korean Karate at our state-of-the-art, fully equipped, full-time centre, located in Farington. Discover the transformative journey to Fitness, Self-defence, and Personal Growth. Your path to Excellence starts at our doorstep, just 20 minutes from Blackburn!

Karate near Blackburn

Welcome to Family Martial Arts Centres. My name is Robert Salter and I am the Chief Instructor. Along with my wife Katie, daughters Betty and Hattie, and team of instructors, we will help you and your family learn the exciting martial art of Korean Karate. With a family-focused approach, our friendly and safe Positive Start Programme caters to beginners, fostering a community where shared experience and growth are valued. Book your FREE Trial Class or leave your details for a Brochure and Class Schedule.

Unleash Your Potential with Our Key Benefits:

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confidence through martial arts

Confidence, Self-belief & Self-esteem for All Ages

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martial arts for weight loss

Weight Loss Made Fun and Achievable

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martial arts for ADHD and Autism

Empowering Individuals with ADHD, ASD, DCD

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Holistic Fitness & Health

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Bullying Prevention

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self defence with martial arts

Practical Self-Defence Skills

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Our Programmes - Tailored for You:

martial arts beginner

Beginners Programme

We understand that the prospect of starting any martial arts training for the first time may be daunting to many people.

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Family Martial Arts

Family Programme

Join our family-friendly classes! Experience the benefits of martial arts together with our Positive Start class, suitable for adults and children.

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Childrens Martial Arts Programme

Children's Programme

Nurture confidence, discipline, and focus in your child with our Positive Start program. Safe, fun, and taught by experienced instructors.

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tiger tots martial arts programme

Tiger Tots Programme

Our Tiger Tots programme is specifically designed for our very youngest members who are just three and four years old.

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adult martial arts

Adult Programme

Whether you seek improved confidence, mental toughness, or health and fitness, our Positive Start class is your friendly introduction to martial arts.

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2 adults martial arts training

Success Coach Programme

Our Success Coach programme is a 12 month course designed to create fully qualified Assistant Instructors, and is appropriate for all students wishing to help others on their martial arts journey.

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What Can You Expect from Karate Training in Blackburn?

Karate is a discipline with various different aspects, including Basics, Forms and Sparring. Professional Karate training here at Family Martial Arts Centre will take you through these components.

  1. Basics: Technique is key to Karate and we will teach you the basics, including the different strikes, blocks, kicks, stances and movements that are central to this martial art. Learning these is a great way to understand how body movements can generate power, as well as building your confidence.
  2. Forms: Movement patterns are the second aspect to learn, and Kata will focus on these movements that are important for the artistic form of karate. These patterns not only increase strength, balance, agility and coordination, they also promote self defence principles too.
  3. Sparring: is the accumulation of these techniques, and involves sparring with a partner in a slow and controlled teaching environment. Initially, the techniques used will be predetermined, but you will progress to free Kumite, once your skills have developed.

Look No Further For Karate in Blackburn

We provide tailored sessions here at Family Martial Arts Centre so that our professional training is suitable for people of all abilities and ages. Whether you have a child who is just starting Karate, or you are an adult beginner, or you are a family wishing to train together in the same class, we have a Positive Start Programme For Beginners. This is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in learning Karate, so for Karate training near Blackburn, look no further.

How Quickly Will You See Results From Karate?

Karate training can bring results in a variety of different areas. From weight loss to personal achievement goals, different people approach Karate in different ways.

In just a few sessions many people can identify a difference in physical fitness, health, mental wellbeing, self esteem, and confidence. This confidence will only improve alongside your technical development. 

For people aiming for an improvement in concentration, planning and organisational skills, and overall mental health, just a few sessions of Karate can result in notable progress. That’s why so many children and adults with ADHD take up this martial art. 

If you are aiming to achieve a Blackbelt ranking in Karate, this is something we can help you achieve, here at Family Martial Arts Centre. However, the main objective of Karate is to perfect the art form itself, and to strive for personal improvement, leading to self perfection. This is why Karate is seen as a way of life, and not just a martial art. 

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