Our Martial Arts Programmes

We offer a diverse range of dynamic and enriching martial arts programmes tailored to individuals and families of all ages and abilities

Our Martial Arts Programmes

We offer a diverse range of dynamic and enriching martial arts programmess tailored to individuals and families of all ages.

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Our expertly designed programmes cater to varying skill levels, from beginners seeking a Positive Start to seasoned practitioners aspiring to become certified Success Coaches. Whether you’re exploring martial arts for self-defence, physical fitness, or a holistic lifestyle, our dedicated instructors and state-of-the-art facilities provide the perfect environment for growth and achievement. Discover the transformative power of martial arts at Family Martial Arts Centres.

Our Programmes - Tailored for You:

martial arts beginner

Beginners Programme

We understand that the prospect of starting any martial arts training for the first time may be daunting to many people.

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Family Martial Arts

Family Programme

Join our family-friendly classes! Experience the benefits of martial arts together with our Positive Start class, suitable for adults and children.

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Childrens Martial Arts Programme

Children's Programme

Nurture confidence, discipline, and focus in your child with our Positive Start program. Safe, fun, and taught by experienced instructors.

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tiger tots martial arts programme

Tiger Tots Programme

Our Tiger Tots programme is specifically designed for our very youngest members who are just three and four years old.

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adult martial arts

Adult Programme

Whether you seek improved confidence, mental toughness, or health and fitness, our Positive Start class is your friendly introduction to martial arts.

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2 adults martial arts training

Success Coach Programme

Our Success Coach programme is a 12 month course designed to create fully qualified Assistant Instructors, and is appropriate for all students wishing to help others on their martial arts journey.

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