Understanding Martial Arts Lesson Pricing

As you explore the world of martial arts schools, you may wonder, “What determines the price of lessons?and “Why do prices vary from one school to another?” Let’s unravel the intricacies, shedding light on the factors that influence pricing inlcuding:

  • Type of Venue
  • Location
  • Level of Service
  • Facilities
  • Instructors & Staff

Understanding Martial Arts Lesson Pricing

As you explore the world of martial arts schools, you may wonder, “What determines the price of lessons?” and “Why do prices vary from one school to another?” Let’s unravel the intricacies, shedding light on the factors that influence pricing including:

  • Type of Venue
  • Location
  • Level of Service
  • Facilities
  • Instructors & Staff
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5 Factors Contributing to Higher Prices: 

1.Excellent Level of Service: A martial arts school committed to providing an exceptional customer experience may reflect this dedication in its pricing. Elevated service standards might encompass:

  • Multiple lasses Seven Days a Week
  • Multiple Instructors and Staff Members
  • Inclusivity Across Age and Skill Levels
  • Specialised Family Classes
  • Dedicated Beginners Programme
  • Instructor Training Programmes
  • Private Tuition
  • Additional Offerings like Competitions, Seminars, Summer Camps, Social Events, Birthday Parties, Corporate Training, etc.

2.Great Location: Property and venue costs exhibit regional disparities, impacting overall pricing. City centre locations, particularly in places like central London, often command higher prices. Affluent areas may similarly correlate with increased costs. Generally, schools situated in well-accessible locations with good transport links and parking facilities might experience upward pressure on prices due to elevated rents and property values.

3.Modern Venue: The venue type is a pivotal determinant of prices. Martial arts schools housed in spacious, modern spaces like retail units, business units, or industrial units tend to carry higher overheads (rent, rates, lighting, heating, insurance, etc.), which can influence pricing.

4.Excellent Facilities: Top-notch facilities often translate to a premium price tag. A modern and spacious martial arts school, equipped with the necessary tools for safe and high-standard class delivery, inclusive features like viewing areas, changing cubicles, a shop, and even a café, may justify prices above the average.

5.Professional Instructors & Staff: The calibre of instructors and staff can significantly impact pricing. Seasoned professionals who make teaching martial arts their livelihood, possessing extensive expertise and teaching capabilities, understandably command higher fees. Instructors with years of investment in knowledge, skill development, and global experiences contribute to a martial arts school’s ability to charge above-average prices. A school operated by instructors of this calibre, complemented by quality assistant instructors and fully trained staff, often reflects this commitment in its pricing structure.

5 Factors Contributing to Lower Prices

1. Lower Level of Service: A martial arts school providing a minimal level of customer service typically charges the least. This entails:

  • Offering only one or two classes per week
  • Exclusive accommodation of either children or adults, but not both
  • No provision for children under 5 years of age
  • No acceptance of older students aged 60+
  • No allowance for family training in the same class
  • Sole reliance on one qualified instructor
  • Absence of assistant instructors or staff members
  • Limited programme offerings
  • Absence of a Beginners programme
  • Lack of a free trial option
  • Closure during school term time, instructor holidays, sickness, or venue unavailability
  • Dependence on free, untrained assistance for class management
  • Instructors without professional commitment, relying on other income sources to sustain the martial arts school

2. Location: Demographics significantly influence pricing. Schools situated in economically disadvantaged areas with below-average household incomes naturally charge lower fees. Similarly, towns with lower property values, rents, and venue expenses enable martial arts schools to offer more affordable pricing.

3. Basic Venue: Martial arts schools with below-average pricing are often located in venues with minimal overheads. These may include:

  • • Church halls
  • • Community centres
  • • School sports halls
  • • Council-owned sports centres

4. Limited Facilities: Schools with the lowest prices generally provide basic facilities, such as an empty community centre or church hall. These may lack equipment, martial arts safety flooring, punch bags, changing cubicles, refreshment options, or a martial arts shop.

5. Amateur Instructors & Staff: Instructors who teach as a hobby or have alternative sources of income may offer the lowest prices. Similarly, a martial arts school operated by a single instructor may charge lower fees, as they avoid the expense of hiring fully qualified staff members to assist in running the school.

Why do some schools charge so much?

5 Reasons a martial arts school may charge more than average

1. High Level of Service: The quality of services offered plays a significant role in determining prices. Martial arts schools providing a high level of service tend to be more expensive, enabling them to offer:

  • Multiple fully qualified professional instructors
  • Well-trained staff with excellent customer service skills
  • Classes available 7 days a week with multiple sessions per day
  • State-of-the-art, fully equipped, and spacious facilities
  • Diverse programmes catering to adults, families, and children of all ages
  • Various types of martial arts instruction
  • Dedicated classes exclusively for beginners
  • Private classes
  • Instructor training programs
  • Specialised assistance for conditions such as ASD or ADHD 
  • Extra activities like seminars, competitions, summer camps, and social events

2. Great Location: City centre locations with convenient public transport or parking options often incur high property prices, rent, and rates. Similarly, venues situated in affluent areas or areas with above-average household incomes may demand higher rents, contributing to elevated prices.

3. Quality Venue: A school situated in a modern business or industrial unit, or a ground-floor retail space will generally have higher leasing or rental expenses compared to a school utilizing a council-run sports hall, community centre, church hall, or space within an old cotton mill.

4. Excellent Facilities: A fully equipped modern martial arts school naturally charges more than a community centre or church hall. These full-time establishments boast exceptional facilities, including:

  • Large, spacious training floors
  • Proper martial arts safety flooring
  • Various types and sizes of punch bags
  • A wide array of striking equipment such as shields, paddles, and hook and jab pads
  • Safety training weapons like knives, sticks, swords, and baseball bats
  • A proper boxing ring for kickboxing or Thai boxing instruction
  • A dedicated cage for MMA (mixed martial arts) training
  • An on-site shop selling clothing, uniforms, sparring gear, safety gear, and accessories
  • Viewing areas for spectators
  • Changing cubicles
  • Reception desks with friendly staff
  • Refreshment areas, lounge spaces, drinks machines, or cafeterias
  • Ample parking facilities

5. Professional Instructors: Schools led by top-tier instructors typically charge more than average schools. These instructors often possess:

  • Full qualifications and expertise in their martial art, with over 20 years of experience
  • Excellent teaching skills catering to students of all ages and skill levels
  • Completion of comprehensive instructor training courses
  • Success in competitive martial arts
  • Investment in global travel to study their martial art
  • A willingness and ability to support children with conditions such as ASD or ADHD
  • Full-time commitment to professional teaching

Why do some schools charge so little?

5 Reasons a martial arts schools can charge so little:

1. Minimal Level of Service: The quality of services provided significantly influences prices. Martial art schools offering a minimal level of service often charge lower prices. The least expensive schools typically provide:

  • A single instructor teaching as a hobby
  • Absence of trained staff or assistant instructors
  • Limited classes, often one or two per week
  • Only one offered programme
  • Lack of separate beginners’ classes
  • No provision for private tuition
  • Absence of additional activities such as seminars, competitions, summer camps, and social events

2. Location: Schools situated in out-of-town areas, run-down neighbourhoods, or towns with below-average household incomes usually result in more affordable venue hire. Lower overhead costs allow instructors to charge reduced prices.

3. Basic Venue: The choice of venue is a crucial factor in driving down costs. Schools located in church halls or community centres typically have the lowest overheads, enabling them to charge lower fees. Schools occupying higher floors of a building, or an old cotton mill often incur lower rent and rates compared to similarly sized ground-floor venues.

4. Minimal Facilities: Martial arts schools offering basic facilities often charge lower fees due to minimal overheads. These schools typically lack:

  • A martial arts safety floor
  • Punch bags of any sort
  • Strike shields, paddles, hook and jab pads, blockers
  • Safety training weapons like knives, sticks, swords, and baseball bats
  • A boxing ring for kickboxing
  • A cage for mixed martial arts
  • A shop selling clothing, uniforms, sparring gear, safety gear, and accessories
  • Adequate viewing areas for spectators
  • Changing cubicles
  • A reception desk with friendly staff
  • Refreshment areas, lounge spaces, and drinks machines
  • Sufficient parking facilities

5. Amateur Instructors: Instructors teaching as a hobby or running a martial arts school as a sole proprietor may charge the lowest prices. They might have alternative employment or business ventures to support themselves, eliminating the need for hiring fully qualified instructors and staff members and consequently keeping costs low.

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Level of Service provided:

We are committed to providing an unparalleled professional service to all our students and with these fees we ensure:

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  • Excellent Facilities: Enjoy the benefits of a fully equipped centre featuring a martial arts safety floor for a secure and immersive training experience.
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  • Inclusive Programmes: Discover programmes tailored for all ages, from three-year-olds to spirited individuals beyond the age of seventy.
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